Friday, December 2, 2011

Final Post on PLN Project # 10 pt. 2

        My Personal Learning Network, PLN, has changed a lot since the last update. On my first update, I was all about organizing each category. I use Symbaloo and so it was exciting adding new links and putting each one where it belongs. Recently though, I have made it more about my tools I will use once this class is over. I still organized everything to the way I want it, but I made sure to add things that I will need once I start teaching.
screen shot image of Kathleen's PLN on Symbaloo
I also added my favorite YouTube videos that we watched in EDM 310. Instead of putting them in my YouTube playlist, I just made the link on my Symbaloo homepage. This way it is easier to find. I also added some teachers' blogs to my page. I made sure to add Ms. Yollis and many others that I thought were interesting. I know your PLN is supposed to be a way to find your tools and people, but I figured instead of adding all of my teachers' blogs that I commented on this semester, I would simply add my Twitter account to Symbaloo. My Twitter has many teachers that I have followed and also great people that would help me with my journey to become an educator. This is the way I will stay in contact with them.
      Of course I still kept my Gmail, AOL mail, Facebook, Blogger, and all my favorite online shopping places on my PLN too. I made sure to keep all of the "non-educational" stuff on the left side and keep the educational things on the right. Wordle and TimeToast were also added to my PLN so that I can use them in my future classroom. I also added links about SmartBoard help in case I need it in the future. I made sure to add some websites about grammar that some of my other teachers shared in other classes.
        I will be sure to keep my PLN and keep adding it as the years go on. Once I start teaching, all of these links are going to help me become the best teacher I possibly can.

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