Thursday, December 1, 2011

C4K # 3 November Summary

        Comments for Kids was one of my favorite parts about this class. I can read and watch videos all I want about how children are using technology in the classroom, but to actually see it being done and being able to communicate with a child from across the globe was so exciting.
Picture of teddy bear wearing a sarong

       For November, my first post to read was from Ms. Yollis' classroom blog. This post, 301: Skyping with Hawaii, had a picture of a teddy bear, named Beverly, wearing a sarong in order to prepare to Skype with friends from Hawaii. The class had the opportunity to communicate with someone from another state. I thought it was cute how they wanted to get more into the culture by wearing a sarong. I left a comment introducing myself, talking about how neat Skype is where they were able to communicate with others, and how cute the picture is.

        The next blog I commented on was from a little girl named, Lola. This student is from Pt England School located in Auckland, New Zealand. Lola's blog post was so cute. She drew a picture of a crest of some kind. She then wrote under it about how her dream is to become a famous artist. She hopes that one day she'll receive a scholarship to a college in America. I left her a comment talking about how beautiful her picture was. I told her that if she keeps believing in herself then she will end up going far and attending a great college. It was such a cute post.

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