Thursday, December 1, 2011

C4T # 3

        For my November Comment for Teachers assignment, I was assigned to David Wees's blog. David is a teacher in Canada.
Screen shot image of comments from blog        David's first post was about teachers grading. He made clear that many teachers do not pay much attention to the number they are assigning when it comes to grading; it seems more about the letter and rounding. I wrote him a comment about how I did not care much about the number I received as a grade, just the letter. However, once I started attending college, many of my teachers stated to use the grading scale where 92.5 and above is an A and 92.4 and below is a B (and lower letter grades). I wrote about the time I received a 92.4 in one of my classes and received a B. This was so devastating where I know pay very close attention to the number and count every point in my grade. I made sure to tell how great his post was to keep in mind as a future teacher. He wrote me back and told me to remember not to focus so much on the percentage as well.
        On the second post that I read, it was actually about John Spencer's post about pencils. David wrote about how there was a twitter outbreak with a tag called #pencilchat. Thousands started writing status updates about pencils because of Mr. Spencer's post. David added a link that Mr. Spencer wrote. David stated why Mr. Spencer thought his article caused such an outbreak, but David stated in his own blog that, "the idea of critiquing some of the arguments against educational technology is timely, given many teachers' current struggles with the use of technology in their classrooms." I wrote him a comment explaining the EDM 310 situation. I talked about how our class was also assigned to read Mr. Spencer's post and many of my classmates did not catch on the metaphor. I stated I believed many saw it as a literal pencil because we are comfortable with pencils; technology scares those that are new to it. 

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