Sunday, October 9, 2011

Project # 10

        For my Personal Learning Network, PLN, I used the site Symbaloo. At first it was a little overwhelming. There were so many icons and half of them I did not know or have an account with. I had the option of deleting them, but I think after this class I will probably have a good idea what each icon means. I decided to organize the home screen by moving the unknown and unused icons to the right side. I will eventually use them and learn more about them while expanding my knowledge about technology. I moved the "fun" icons to the very left row. This included horoscope, diet and fitness, health, and weather. The next row is the important and most used icons; this includes Gmail, Blogger, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.
Screen shot of Kathleen's PLN
The next row is the information ones, Google, Encyclopedia, and I added AOL to it. The middle icons are the shopping ones, Ebay, Shopping, Amazon, and Craigslist. My favorite icon is the shopping icon. When I clicked on that so many other icons popped up where I could search for perfume, shoes, and other things. I left many blanks left on the home screen so that I can add more icons while I take this class. I also enjoyed the YouTube one. This one was a bit more educational and useful than the shopping one. When I clicked on YouTube I was able to add videos that we have watched in this class to that. This PLN is a great way of keeping videos, sites, and everything organized.

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