Saturday, October 1, 2011

C4K September Summary

My Comments for Kids were so much fun. I enjoyed reading all of the students’ blog posts.

        My first student I was assigned to was Madison. She is in 5th grade and created a biopoem. In her biopoem she stated that she loved dogs, Selena Gomez, God, and hopes to go to Italy one day and attend church for the rest of her life. Her biopoem also contained a picture (looked like a Wordle) in a shape of a yellow heart.
I left her a comment telling her about how I also have faith and I hope to go to Italy one day because the pizza there is probably great. I also told her about my two dogs and asked her how many dogs she had.

Kathleen's comment to Shiann and her response back        The second blog I commented on was from a middle school student named Shiann. She wrote a beautiful post about remembering September 11, 2001. She mentioned about how people that day lost firefighters, mothers, fathers, coworkers, grandparents, and siblings. I thought this post was great since she was younger. She admitted in a comment that she was too young to understand what was going on at that time, but she still wants to pay her respects now. I thought that was amazing. Many students don't fully understand or care that much about things that happened in history if they were not a part of it. It is nice to see that she is still trying to change the world by writing inspiring blog posts. 
I wrote her a comment telling her about where I was when September 11, 2001 happened and how I felt at that time. I also made sure to thank her for writing the post. She responded to my comment by thanking me for reading her post.

Logan's blog about things he likes        The next week I commented on a boy named Logan's blog. He is from the same class as Madison and also created a biopoem. He also chose to do his wordle in a heart shape, except he used the colors pink and black. Logan stated in his post that he wanted to know everything, feared his brother, loved God, wanted know more about Thomas Edison, and wanted to be a professional player for the Cowboys. I left him a comment telling him that it’s great he has a passion for learning and that is something everyone should have. I also said that I thought it was great he has a dream about playing for the Cowboys; he can do anything if he keeps his faith and sets his mind to it. I ended my comment by telling him that believing in yourself is the most important thing.
Em's blog. A picture of her and Miss Lisa
        This week I commented on a blog by a young girl named Em. She wrote a blog about where she would want to go and she chose Japan. The reason she wants to go to Japan is so she can dance like a woman named Miss Lisa. The woman apparently moved to Japan and learned how to dance. Em's blog was so cute because along with her short blog post, she posted an audio clip with her telling her listeners that she wants to go to Japan. She also posted a YouTube video of her. She asks the viewers watching to try and find her dancing in the video.
I left Em a comment telling her how great she dances. I also told her that the only country, other than the United States, that I have been to is Mexico. I then told her that I would love to go to England and I asked her if she has ever been to England.

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  1. An impressive list of kids!

    I hope you find C4K beneficial to you. I know from the comments of the teachers that they find them useful and the kids love getting them. Writing for a real audience is important!

    Well done. Thanks.