Sunday, October 9, 2011

C4T #2

        I was assigned to David Hopkins' blog, Don't Waste Your Time. The first comment I left on his blog was for a post where he talked about the future. He actually had the YouTube video "Did You Know?" posted on his blog. I thought this was great since I was assigned to watch that video a few weeks ago. He mainly focused on the facts about preparing students for jobs and roles that do not even exist yet. He asked the question, "What are we doing to prepare ourselves for this change, for the roles in which we are already employed?" He also talks about how his role as a teacher as not changed, but how everything else (including his students) have. I left him a comment, but unfortunately he has not been on to read or approve it. I told him in my comment that I agreed with him. Society and some schools does not seem to want schools and the classroom changing, but the students are changing. We need to prepare ourselves better so that we are able to help them work these jobs and roles that do not exist yet.
Screen image of David Hopkin's blog
        Since Hopkins has not updated his blog recently, I had to go to a previous post he wrote. I was glad this happened because I found a post about e-books. As I stated in my previous blog post, I have a hard time dealing with the idea of reading books on a screen. I just enjoy everything about the paper books. In his post he talked about how he is a big fan of e-books. He listed some facts about why e-books are better. He stated that digital textbooks are 53% cheaper than printed books and you don't need to buy highlighters when you can use your finger. I left him a comment telling him about how I appreciated his listing of those facts. I am still not 100% sold on making everything into an e-book, but having cheaper textbooks would be amazing. I also brought up that having e-books is better for the environment (something he did not mention in his post) and that is important during this time in our world.

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