Sunday, November 13, 2011

Final Project Progress Report

        After going through many different ideas, my group and I finally decided on a final project. We will discuss the many different sites and programs we have learned about in EDM310. This will be done on video. Each of us will be on video recording us talking about the websites and how they can be helpful in the classrooms. After explaining what the program is, we will record ourselves doing something educational on these sites and programs. This video will be available for everyone to view on YouTube. This will be helpful for current and future teachers wanting to expand their knowledge and bring more technology into the classroom.
Twitter cartoon bird with Blogger logo
        Since this is the last project, we wanted to share what we have learned in EDM310 with others. Those teachers that may want to use technology in their classroom, but never had a class like EDM310 to teach them how, will now be able to learn from us. We have spent so much time on Skype, Twitter, Blogger, and a SmartBoard. A video explaining and showing how to use these will not only remind us years down the road, but help other teachers see how great technology can be in the classroom.

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