Sunday, November 13, 2011

C4K # 10

        Ms. Yollis is a third grade teacher in California with an amazing classroom blog. When you first go to the blog, there is the Home page. Then at the top, there are links to other parts of the blog. There is even a link about Ms. Yollis.
screen shot image of Ms. Yollis' homepage on her blog
On this page, sure has a picture of herself as a 3rd grader and a short biography. She also pictures of her and her husband on vacation. On vacation, they were able to swim with turtles. She has a link under the picture of the turtles; this link takes you to more pictures of her experience and even videos of them with the sea turtles. This is so great that she has information about her on the site. I think parents appreciate this more than anyone because they are able to learn a little about their child's teacher. They can see pictures of her, her interests, and some background information about her. It is always important to know a little about the person that is educating your child.
       Another great link for students and parents is the Mrs. Yollis' Website link. This takes you to their classroom website. Here, they are able to see their homework, current events, parent information, and links to every subject. It even has a Math Help link, which is important for students struggling with their homework.
screen shot image of Ms. Yollis' classroom website. Thanksgiving theme
     She also has a Meet the Bloggers link at the top too. This link takes you to a picture of her class and lists some of the hobbies they enjoy doing.
     Some other important links are the ones that can help students, teachers, and people viewing the blogs. At the top there is a link to a video on how to comment, a link about how to take digital pictures, a link to clocks in different time zones (with their friends name under the clock), a link to information about California, and a link to learning HTML code. I had actually been the link about HTML code earlier this semester and it was very helpful.
        I was very impressed with Ms. Yollis' blog. The parents can feel like they are a part of their child's education, the students will never get bored being on the site, students are able to write posts about fun things (such as their large dog), the class is able to communicate with people across the world, and Ms. Yollis is able to share videos, pictures, and homework. You can tell she and the class have put in a lot of effort into this blog. Even a non-student could spend hours exploring everything and learning many different things. She is obviously doing a great job on this blog because this website has over 75,000 views; this includes people from so many different countries across the globe.

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