Sunday, September 11, 2011

C4T #1

          I was assigned to read and comment on Denise Kreb's blog. I was so happy when I started reading her posts because she is such a positive teacher with blog posts that show she is passionate in having her students learn as much as possible in fun ways.
        The first post I commented on was called "You Matter." This title fit perfectly because she posted a video of a woman, Angela Maiers, speaking to an audience about the importance of telling others that they are significant and that their contribution in the world is important. Denise then said in her blog that on the first day of school she wrote, "You are a genius, and the world expects your contribution!" Denise also said that her goal is to "write it on their hearts this year by entrusting them with learning." 
I thought this was a great post from her that reminded her readers that all of our students (or future students) are geniuses in different ways.
Kathleen and Denise comments. Two comments replying
        I commented on her page about how important I also believe the words "you matter" are. It's important for me to remind my students that they are each important to the world. Denise kindly took time to respond to my post and even commented on my first blog post on here. 
         Another blog post from Denise was called "Foto Friday." This post was just as interesting. Denise said she has decided to post a photo every Friday that shows something about her week in school. Her first photo was of a old, wooden swing-set covered in grass and lichen. She says, "Life can be found in many places." I thought this was so cute and is a great idea to get people thinking.
        Denise also stated in this post that her students in her science class are making a science photography portfolio. They plan on walking on a nature trail in their town and taking photos, draw, identify animals and species, and press leaves. They plan on returning to the same spot during the year to observe the changes.
This seemed like such an exciting way to learn. I have never been crazy about science, but just reading on what she planned on doing with her students made me wish I was in her class. This is a great way to make her students excited and interested in learning.
        I commented on this post and told her how great of an idea I believe this is.

Comment from Kathleen on Denise's blog.

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